Dating several women at the same time in Ukraine

The dating life, what can you expect from it? When you are dating someone for the first time, there are no rules attached and you might just want to meet someone new. Nothing is excluded, and there are no limits. Especially when you are in a foreign country, and don’t know what the standards are. The only thing that can be wrong about it, is when you’re not honest with each other.

I have to say I had an amazing experience, and I am so thankful that Yana, Aleksandrina and Ira gave their consent to let me upload this video.

Music used (in order)

  • LCD Soundsystem dance yrself clean
  • Sterva · Lesha Svik

After calling with my Ukranian friend, I realised the end song (Sterva) of this video, is about a woman being a bitch, but sang in Russian. I didn’t know the song was about a bitch. I don’t speak Russian and didn’t realise this until my Ukranian friend told me. These women are very lovely and certainly are not bitches.


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