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Everyone in their lifetime struggles sometimes. With all these expectations from people saying that you should have a steady job, make a decent amount of money, and need to find the love of your life. It can be a lot of pressure. Most people let go of this pressure by doing sports or some other kind of self-expression. My self expression is making video’s and writing articles.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been obsessed with things that are unusual. When getting older I was always seeking for the new. Always searching for the things that were scary and gave me the thrills. I started documenting it posting it on youtube, In 2017 I started this website to post these documentaries. After a year of making documentaries, I started making controversial videos where I motivate myself and others to get out of their comfort-zone. Nowadays, I mainly focus on short personal sketches. With these sketches I challenge myself and others to experience new things, while capturing the mistakes and failures on camera during the process. Don’t get me wrong, challenging yourself doesn’t necessarily mean the extreme or unusual. Its about exploring and doing the things you would not feel comfortable doing in the first place.

How can you benefit from this website?
Either use it for entertainment purposes, or motivate yourself to do to the things you never tried doing before.

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The 18+ section (In concept still)
Some of my video’s will, or are not suited for youtube. This is where the 18+ section hits in. Most of my content has a positive outcome and is for all ages. But I also like talking about controversial subjects, use copyrighted content (If I think I have the rights to) and make video’s that can be seen as negative or graphic. Don’t expect to see extreme sexual content or gory footage. It’s just that from a personal perspective, it will not be suited for all ages (and yes, the title is also clickbait).

Please think carefully before sharing controversial ideas with friends, family, and other close associates. Most people are not ready to have their core beliefs challenged.


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